Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

Its been quite a while since I last wrote- partly because nothing much has happened. My internship is pretty much the same as when I started, except that now I'm a lot more familiar with my responsibilities and tasks. Its great not having to always ask for someone to walk me through the steps, but now I get everything done fairly quickly and spend a lot more of my day trying to fill the time. I don't blame Jean-Amiel- he's distracted with the mountain of resumes and interview that he's left to do now that he doesn't have another recruiter to share the work. And sadly as much as I'd like to help evaluate resumes and find out who is and isnt FINCA material, I don't have the background or training. Even so, I'm still learning and networking in an organization that is at the head of the microfinance field which I think will be very valuable as I apply for future positions.

Speaking of those leading the way for microfinance... drum roll please... Mohammed Yunus will be at Georgetown University conducting a question/answer session! I've already RSVPed and can't wait to finally get the chance to meet the man who inspired me to pursue this track!

Last time I blogged, I promised myself that I would have another job by the next time I published an entry. I'm happy to report that indead I'm finally a paid employee! I'm working for the census bureau as a Group Quarters Enumerator (sounds exciting right?). Basically that just means that I'm counting people that live in group residences such as nursing homes, dormitories and prisons. So far its going well. I'm not getting as many hours as I origionally hoped, but that could change. I've already met some really cool people who are in a similar position as me (in between jobs or just out of school).

Easter was fabulous! The sky was blue and the temp was in the 80s, and on top of it all, the cherry blossoms were at their peak! I'm attaching some pictures. Jill and I went to the easter morning service at Augustana lutheran church (more pictures attched) and then went for a walk around the city.

I'm also happy to report that last Sunday I made my final move while in DC! Megan, Jill and I are finally settled in the heart of the city at 13th and M street. I'm just two blocks from FINCA's office and within walking distance of just about everything. The apartment is spacious and clean and the building has its own exercise room and pool on the roof! Its really pretty luxurious living I have to say. (Again see pictures).

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